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Are you having less time, but too many things on your to-do list?  Well Dental Roots, the best dental clinic in South Delhi brings all your worries to an end with the 1-day smile treatment.

This treatment is a pinnacle of bio-engineering and all boundaries of dental implants of 21st century are pushed away. This technique, has been fine-tuned and developed by the team so that the rehabilitation of the entire jaw can be done with implants as well as fixed teeth just within a day.

At The Dental Roots, the best quality dental implants in Gurgaon are offered which are designed perfectly for this reason. The entire procedure needs only a single visit.

Dr. Dheeraj Setia, the most experience Implantologist from AAID says that Dental implants are a perfect solution when it comes to missing teeth. Titanium implant fixture is used, which fuses to the bone. Then, a crown is placed on the implant on the same day which further results in teeth which feel as well as look completely natural. This would take just 1 sitting and hence, the patient wouldn’t walk out of the clinic without teeth.

Implants are suitable for all types of situations, right from a 1 missing tooth to completely absent teeth. You can choose from the following options:

Dental Implants at The Dental Roots

People who need complete replacement of lower or upper set of teeth can now receive all-on-4 implants.  4 implants are placed with 3D x-ray guided surgery and then full arch of teeth is attached.


If the patient misses out on more than 1 tooth but has healthy teeth and gums, multiple implants can be used in areas for replacing tooth.


In case of a single tooth loss due to periodontal disease or accident, whether back or front tooth, 1 tooth can be replaced easily online with the help of dental implant followed by a crown. The new tooth would look and function likes other natural teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure

We have the best and highly skilled dentists for dental implants. Dr. Dheeraj Setia and the team involve of some of the best Implantologists in Gurgaon. At The Dental Roots you can find greatly experienced dentist who can provide a suitable implant at best price with the uses of advanced equipment and materials.

Missing Tooth

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