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Dental Crowns and Bridges in Gurgaon


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped placed over a tooth to cover it & restore its shape, size, strength, and improve its appearance enhancing the smile. A Crown is an efficient option if you have broken, discolored teeth and can be used to cover dental fillings (inlays) and dental implants. A crown is also mandatory after the root canal treatment.

Types of Crowns

Metal Crowns : Gold, Silver, base metal alloy (nickel, chromium), Zirconia & Alumina.

  • Used in a very less cases when there is minimal or no space
  • Usually for posterior teeth

Porcelain Fused-to-metal crowns : Metal Base and ceramic coating

  • Good in function
  • Tooth coloured
  • Appropriate for posterior teeth

All-ceramic or all-porcelain crown: Pure ceramic crown with no metal

  • Highly aesthetic and natural looking
  • Gum friendly
  • Appropriate for both Front and back teeth
  • Highly recommended for smile corrections


The name bridges is quiet self explanatory. It bridges the gap which is created by one or many missing teeth. These bridges constitute two or more crowns for the teeth and are supported by either natural teeth or by implants. A bridge enables you to reinstate your chewing ability and also helps in improving aesthetics hampered by damaged or missing teeth.

Types of Bridges

  • Traditional bridges: When support is taken from adajacent teeth to replace a missing tooth
  • Cantilever bridges: When support is taken from only front teeth and missing tooth is replaced.


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What you’ll experience at The Dental Roots

At The Dental Roots, for Crowns and Bridges, a specialised Implantologist & restorative dentist Dr. Dheeraj Setia will attend you to examine your full mouth and discuss with you the treatment process and requirements prior to its beginning. The Dental Roots, a complete dental clinic in Gurgaon offers varied elements to choose from for the dental crowns and bridges. It is a pain-free course of treatment and completes within two to three sittings as per the state of the teeth. What you’ll certainly experience is some of the best dental treatments at The Dental Roots.