While some think that a cosmetic dentist is only for those with ambitions of fame, the truth is there are several others who can and do profit from cosmetic dentistry. The issue is that those without ambitions of fame might not actually know what is possible via the many diverse applications of cosmetic dentistry or they might not even know where to begin looking. A best dentist in Cyber City at The Dental Roots can give that housewife the smile she always craved and in doing so reinstate her self-confidence. He can help that baby that was born with a...

Are your teeth chipped, yellowed or rotten such that you don't want to smile? It is time to get a smile makeover in Gurgaon at The Dental Roots. This is a special procedure where the appearance of your smile is upgraded using cosmetic dentistry. Solutions such as veneers, bonding of composites, fitting tooth implants and all-inclusive tooth whitening are implemented. A smile makeover is a procedure you can decide on and if the impairment to your teeth is extensive, then you need to have a complete mouth makeover. Special considerations before a smile makeover There are a few factors that are considered...

Wisdom teeth are the most “defamed” molars which often give a lot of pain to our patients. Lets try and understand what makes them so notorious. What are wisdom teeth? 9 out of 10 people have wisdom teeth present, either inside the bone or fully erupted. We, humans are destined to have three molars in each quadrant. Out of the these, the last molar is referred to as “Wisdom teeth”. These teeth are the last permanent teeth to erupt in the oral cavity at the age of 18-25 yrs. So by that time, we mature. Hence the name. How important is this “wisdom” for...

Dental implant is a perfect option to restore missing or broken teeth for many individuals and it helps to improve their smile, build up their chewing surfaces and increase their overall health. Many people think that the procedure involved in dental implant is invasive and hard to manage and hence they avoid it. But, the truth is that there is virtually no pain involved in the complete procedure. By opting for dental implant can help you to have a good oral health. Implant is made to match with your natural teeth and helps to provide a stronger foundation for one...

More often than not, root canal is misunderstood to be a drill full of pain. You don’t believe the dentists when they say root canal is not painful, then why do you believe the people when they say it is. A drill treatment like RCT, nowadays is no more a terror due to the advancement in technology and equipment. A mild sensation felt deprives any pain and is only a matter of vibration required for thorough cleaning. However, the dentist’s practice, experience and instruments combine to make the procedure painless or painful for the patients. Root canal treatment is a boon to save a natural tooth against decay, injuries, accidents, gum diseases or tooth bone fractures. It certainly removes the pain and risk of lifelong loss of tooth. During decay or injury too deep to reach the root, no more is tooth extraction prescribed unless it can’t be fixed with root canal treatment.

[caption id="attachment_16951" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Root Canal Treatment Process Root Canal Treatment Process[/caption]

Well, all the dentists claim floss is as much important as is brushing, but how many of you do really bother to floss or even consider flossing? Rather, patients try to fib when dentist asks about their oral habits. Most of us believe brushing is enough of hygiene we maintain to keep our teeth healthy. But eventually no, brush cannot pick out the stuck in between the teeth food particles. These food remains if not pulled out convert into cavity causing bacteria and lead to many other oral problems like:

-Gum problems

-Tooth decay

-Bad breath

Brushing does clean the surface removing all the bacteria from the front and behind the teeth. But plaque the bacteria built between the tiny spaces can be extremely harmful. Floss is the only thing and string that can really get into that space between the teeth to remove plaque and bacteria. Use a minimum of 15” long piece of floss and wrap it around each tooth in a ‘C’ shape, moving it in up and down motion. Floss can get you free of the commonest of oral problems giving you a healthier & better lifestyle. Also, can save you a lot of money you would require to spend some years down the line on your dental treatments if you don’t floss. Regular flossing habits incorporated along with brushing and twice a year of a dental checkup definitely is the basic most and affordable dental care for every individual.

India is a place to be, be it tourism or Dental Tourism. One of the most looked upon countries when it comes to tourism, India, is also most visited by foreign tourists for healthcare services. The incredible India and its colorful states, the exquisite culture and delightful food, sightly nature and the welcoming people of the country are the attractions that self invite the tourists over and again. Indian Medical Tourism is completely favorable due to all the modernized technologies in the field of medicine at relatively affordable costs. The developing economy along with its traditional enticement is also a rising dental tourist spot....

Do you agree that a beautiful Smile greatly adds to your appearance?

Well some 95% do. Having good looks counts the most on your Smile but unhealthy teeth mask the charm completely. If you are insecure about your smile due to misaligned, yellow or missing teeth, don’t shake up just spiff it up. Dr. Dheeraj Setia, Principal Dentist at The Dental Roots, simplifies the matter in form of 2 W’s of Smile Makeover procedure/s that may help you know your oral conditions better.

When and Which Smile Makeover procedure?


You avoid smiling in the public or for photos Your teeth look stained or yellow Self conscious about the gaps and spaces between teeth Your teeth look old and worn down The teeth get crooked, chipped or broken due to accidents. Teeth appear small because you smile “gummy” You stay back back when your friends hang out on weekend. You need to fully express your happiness with Smile.

The four hindmost molars that appear around the age of 20 are the wisdom teeth. The irony lies in, that the wisdom teeth are not wise as their name. Rather, they bring along several changes in the structure and formation of your jaw which you might need a dentist for.

“Wisdom teeth don’t hurt you, but it’s wise to remove them.”


-Because these teeth could be stuck or impacted, which means they can’t boost out of jaw into your mouth.

-They could be growing towards an angle of other tooth and damage its structure and position if they push against it.

-The growth process leads to swollen gums which create pockets between the teeth making it easy for bacteria to form that may result in cavities.