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Regular Dental Checkups

A smart mom would say, ‘Less frequent than PTAs but more regular than annual spring breaks.’

And she’s right. The rule of thumb remains the same worldwide. We should visit our dentists at least twice a year. This may work fine with some people, but for others with gum diseases or are predisposed to cavities and plaque formation, they may have to schedule dental visits more often to keep their teeth and mouth healthy.

Going to the dentist should not always be a cry for help. Oral health is not much different from the rest of our bodies.

Dr. Dheeraj is categorically & unequivocally by far the best endodontist in the region. He is truly phenomenal. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is outstanding, he scores an easy 13. There was no hint and the experience has destroyed my dentophobia.

– Mr Richard

Dental health goes far more than toothaches and pain. The mouth is just like a big city.


A lot of things can happen and go wrong. Regular visits will let your dentist check for problems that you can’t see or even feel. Allowing them to look for early signs of tooth decay or other oral diseases gives you a stronger chance of fighting or preventing them before they get worse.


Now is always a good time. Don’t wait until it hurts.


Call The Dental Roots +91-9891255501 (Gurgaon Center), +91-9650440004 (South Delhi Center) when you’re due for your next dental check-up. You can also book an appointment online

This is my best teeth whitening ever. The process is very smooth and the staff are extremely professional and caring. I would rate this as an A+ experience for a dental office.

Ms. Divya Pareek