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Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Roor canal treatment is one of the most important and often misinterpreted dental treatment, it is often referred or associated with dental pain or a treatment that incites fear amongst patients but it isn’t so. It is rather one of the most vital treatments to secure the natural teeth against conditions like tooth decay, repeated dental procedures, incorrect crowns, or a crack or chip in the tooth. Our Modern Root Canal Treatment in Gurgoan is painless and relieves tooth ache effectively in addition to saving the natural tooth. Time required is approximately 30-45 minutes for the entire procedure.

Need an RCT treatment in Gurgaon & Delhi ? We are the experts

Deep decay if not treated, generally progresses in destroying a vital portion of teeth before it reaches the pulp of the tooth. The soft tissue which has its presence in tooth canals is known as the pulp of the tooth consisting mainly of nerves and blood vessels. On reaching the pulp,this infection results into a common dental pain. At this stage one and only way to save the tooth is to perform a root canal treatment. Root canal is a completely pain free procedure and is done under local anaesthesia.


We understand that patient care is most important and hence take special care to comfort each patient, and our painless treatment is performed by our highly skilled and experienced teamof dentists and visiting specialists in Gurgaon as well as our branch in Delhi. The Dental Roots Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, are known as one of the best dental clinics for a painless RCT in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

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When you will undergo aa Root Canal Treatment at our clininc, you will be treated by a specialized Endodontist in Gurgaon. The procedure will be explained to you by the doctor and you will be prepared for the treatment by our very capable and experienced team of nurses, junior doctors and assistants.


The treatment will be carried out in the premises with the use of the most modern equipment like Rotary Endodontics and Apex ZX Locator depending on the condition. Depending on your case and your tooth health, Our dentists may also offer to perform a Single Sitting Root Canal Therapy which is both cost effective as well as ensure your utmost comfort by being able to get the whole treatment in one single sitting. The Endodontist would annunciate to you the aftercare instructions and requirement for further sittings, if any.


Root canal treatments are carried by a team of doctors lead by our branch head Dr Dheeraj Setia, who is a very capable and experienced doctor and has performed more than a thousand root canal procedures. He is an MDS Endodontist and Implantologist from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr Alisha Dhingra MDS Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) and Conservative Dentistry is also a senior doctor who has over 6 years’ experience and performs RCTS in Gurgaon as well as at our Delhi branch.


Our efficient and trained team at The Dental Roots ensures you experience a comfortable and painfree treatment. You can book an appointment or call at our front desk inquiry to know more about what you will experience during your Root Canal Treatment at The Dental Roots; the leading dental clinic in South Delhi and Gurgaon offering the most advanced Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is a root canal treatment and why do I need root canal treatment?
Dental practitioners utilize the expression “root trench” in alluding to the modest, tight paths that branch from a focal, empty space in your tooth (called the mash chamber) down to the closures of the tooth roots. The term can likewise be utilized as a shorthand for “root channel treatment” — that is, the methodology used to spare the tooth if the delicate tissue somewhere within it (called mash) turns out to be intensely excited or tainted.
Amid root trench treatment, the aggravated or tainted mash is expelled and within the tooth is cautiously cleaned and purified, at that point filled and fixed with an elastic-like material called gutta-percha. A while later, the tooth is reestablished with a crown or filling for assurance. After reclamation, the tooth keeps on working like some other tooth.
What will happen during the RCT procedure?

Subsequent to desensitizing the territory, a small gap is made in your tooth to get to the mash chamber and channels. After we expel the infected tissue, we will purify the chamber and the canal(s) the distance to the root end(s). Teeth in the front of the mouth have one root and for the most part one channel; back teeth have a few roots and for the most part three or four trenches. We will fill those waterways and the mash chamber with a latent, biocompatible material, and seal it with glue concrete. The entrance gap will get a transitory filling.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Today, getting root trench treatment is regularly not any more awkward than having a filling. Truth be told, root waterway treatment doesn’t cause torment yet really mitigates it. Advances have made the treatment a for all intents and purposes torment free involvement, ordinarily cultivated in a solitary visit. Endodontists comprehend a lot about agony the board. With present-day strategies and analgesics, by far most of the patients report that they are open to amid the methodology.

Would extraction (pulling the tooth) be a better alternative?
Sparing your natural teeth, if conceivable, is the plain best alternative, nothing can totally supplant your natural tooth. An implant can help, as it can can once in a while cause you to maintain a strategic distance from specific sustenances. Keeping your own teeth is imperative with the goal that you can keep on getting a charge out of the wide assortment of nourishment important to keep up the best possible supplement balance in your eating routine. On the off chance that your dental practitioner prescribes extraction, ask whether root channel treatment is an available choice.
Endodontic treatment, alongside fitting rebuilding, is a financially savvy approach to treat teeth with a harmed mash and is normally more affordable than extraction and situation of a scaffold or an embed. Endodontic treatment additionally has a high achievement rate. Many root waterways treated teeth endure forever. The situation of an extension or an embed will require fundamentally additional time in treatment and may result in further strategies to adjoining teeth and supporting tissues.
How can I avoid the need for root canal treatment in the future?

Keep your teeth rot free by brushing and flossing each day. Follow healthy diet, low in sugar and stay away from acidic drinks, for example, a soft drink. Come visit your dentist routinely for expert cleanings and tests. What’s more, in case you’re playing dynamic games, consider requesting a specially designed mouthguard to shield your teeth from damage.

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